We understand that getting the right people to do the right job is not easy. Leave it to us to end your search for that helper/foreign talent to end all your worries. To give you the highest quality of service, we source out not only the best Burmese helper to create a perfect living environment for you to come home to, but also source for committed foreign talent to increase your company's productivity and stay competitive.


At Absolute Employment Services, we are proud to provide you with the most obedient, hardworking and trustworthy Burmese maid to meet all of your domestic needs. Holding on to our motto of, "You Choose, We Deliver" , we customized our packages based on your requirement. Our recruitment team works closely with numerous agencies in Myanmar and designs a strict screening procedure before determining the eligibility of the individual.This is done to ensure we provide the best of Myanmar to your doorstep. Our transparent and straightforward transaction has earn us the reason why our clients call us, "The Myanmar Specialist."