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Absolute Employment Services

Absolute Employment Services is committed in providing the best maids for your household needs. We are a fully accredited and licensed employment agency in Singapore, established since 2008. A perfect home deserves a dedicated helper. We guarantee a professional and transparent transaction, with no hidden fees.


We specialize in providing Myanmar maids and foreign talents.

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They provide helper which is professional and well trained. They will ensure that the maid perfectly meet you qualification. The price are definitely worth the quality!
They provide top notch professional services for your domestic helper needs. Rest assure that all your domestic needs are matched.
Getting the right domestic helper who you can trust your kids with is a pain, but Absolute Employment Services help you smoothen the process, and most of all, you can rest assured that the maid that you are getting is very well trained! Kudos to them!
Provide you with the most obedient, hardworking and trustworthy Burmese maid to meet all of your domestic needs. They can customize packages based on your requirement. works closely with numerous agencies in Myanmar and designs a strict screening procedure before determining the eligibility of the individual.
Looking for a reliable maids to assists you in looking after your children and your house. Call up or visit the Absolute Employment Services. They will definitely have the right maids that you have been searching for all this while. Their maids are all well trained by them. Name it what nationality of maids that you want and they will have it. And their staff are all very friendly and they really listen to what is your requirements. Trust me, you will definitely wont regret using their services.
Looking for honest & diligent helper. Give a call to them now!
Absolute Employment is committed to provide reliable maids to help with your everyday needs.
Want a certain people for the right job? They definitely would have your kind of people here!
Hiring people is easy but getting the right people for the job is hard. Absolute Employment always manage to search committed foreign talent to your company !
employment of people made easy with the help of Absolute employment